Historic Photos

October 4, 1940 - World Premier of KNUTE ROCKNE All American. Over 24000 fans gathered downtown to catch a glimpse of the stars - only 2400 actually viewed the movie inside. Grand Lobby Chandeliers, The Palace Theatre FRONT ROW - Charles Ruggles, Owen Davis Jr., Bob Hope, Jimmie Fidler, Donald Crisp, Pat OBrien, Ronald Reagan
SECOND ROW - Peggy Diggins, Ricardo Cortez, Irene Rich, Gail Patrick, Anita Louise, Mrs. Knute Rockne, Gale Page, Rosemary Lane, Rudy Vallee Ushers at the Palace Theater in the 1950s Courtesty of Rick Jones Ushers at the Palace Theater in the 1950s Courtesy of Rick Jones The Palace Theater in 1928 Morris Civic Auditorium Historic Palais Royale and Morris in the 1920s
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