How do I find out what shows are playing at the Morris?

A listing of current shows and events can be found on our Event Schedule. Also, you can find events listed on the Morris Facebook page.

Why is a show that's coming to the Morris not on your schedule?

We do not post shows on our schedule until we have confirmed an on-sale date.

What are the Box Office Hours?

The Box Office is open regularly Monday - Friday 12:00PM to 5:00PM (EDT). Closed Saturday and Sunday. For specific information concerning Box Office hours on event days please see our Box Office/Ticket Info page.

Can I reserve tickets over the phone?

If you would like to purchase tickets by phone, please contact the Morris Box Office at 574-235-9190 or toll-free at 800-537-6415 or you can purchase tickets online. Tickets may also be purchased in person at the Morris Box Office.

(*Please Note: All tickets purchased online or by phone are subject to incur convienence fees. These fees are non-refundable in any situation, including when a show is cancelled or postponed. By continuing with your order and allowing the Morris Performing Arts Center to charge your credit or debit card for your ticket purchase, you are agreeing to these fees and stating that you understand the fees are non-refundable. Tickets purchased in person at the Box Office window are not subject to convenience fees).

How do I get season tickets?

The following companies offer season tickets. For more information, please call the company directly.

South Bend Symphony Orchestra (574) 232-6343
Broadway Theatre League (574) 234-4044

Does everyone have to have a ticket for a show at the Morris (including small children & infants)?

Everyone needs a ticket for every show regardless of age with a few exceptions regarding some children\'s shows. For some children\'s shows, children under the age of one-year-old may attend without a ticket. However, this is not the case with all children\'s shows. If you are unsure whether your child needs a ticket to attend a particular show, please contact the Morris Box Office for more information at 574-235-9190 or toll-free at 800-537-6415.

Does the Morris offer Group Tickets?

Some shows at the Morris offer group ticket rates. Whether a show offers group rates is determined by the show\'s promoter not the Morris Box office. If you have a group that would like to attend a particular show it is best to contact the Morris Box Office to inquire if group rates are being offered for that show. You can contact the Box Office at 574-235-9190 or toll-free at 800-537-6415.

Do you have wheelchair accessible seating?

Wheelchair accessible seating is available. Patrons must specify the need for wheelchair accessible seating at the time tickets are purchased to ensure availability on the show date.

Does the Morris have booster seats for children?

The Morris does not offer booster seats for children. Patrons may bring in booster seats for children; however, if the booster seat causes a distraction for other patrons, it is the right of the Morris staff to ask for the booster seat to be removed.

What is your ticket refund/exchange policy?

There are no refunds or exchanges on any tickets unless you are a season subscriber to South Bend Symphony Orchestra or Broadway Theatre League or, in the event a show is cancelled*. For more information, please contact the Morris Box Office at 574-235-9190 or toll-free at 800-537-6415.

(*Please Note: In the event a show is cancelled, the ticket price will be refunded less the non-refundable convenience fees for any tickets purchased online or by phone. Convenience fees are not charged for tickets purchased in person at the Morris Box Office window).

How will I know if a show has been cancelled?

The Morris Box Office will notify ticket holders by phone or e-mail when a show has been cancelled. However, it is the responsibility of the show\'s promoter to alert the media. The Box Office will automatically reimburse a patron\'s credit or debit card for tickets purchased for a show that has been cancelled.*

(*Please Note: Any ticket purchase made on the internet or by phone will be refunded, if a show is cancelled, less the non-refundable convenience fees).

When can I pick up my tickets from Will Call?

Tickets are available for pick up within one hour of purchase and can be held for pick up through the day of the show.

How early should I arrive for an event or show?

In most cases, the theater lobby doors will open one (1) hour prior to the printed ticket start time and seating begins one half (1/2) hour prior to the printed ticket start time. Late and mid-show seating is subject to the directives of each performing group. Patrons arriving late may be required to wait for a break in the performance to enter the theater.

What is the dress code for the Morris?

There is no specific dress code for the Morris. Some events such as opening nights will draw a dressier crowd. Most people enjoy dressing up to go to the theater, but you will see people wearing everything from casual for a Rock, Country, Christian or concert to Sunday best or formal wear for theatrical performances.

What is the camera policy at the Morris?

Cameras and all other recording devices are not permitted in the theater.

Is there an ATM in the building?

The ATM is located on the right side of the Box Office to the right of the wheelchair accessible Box Office window.

Is food & beverage sold at Morris events and are they allowed inside the theater?

Yes. Food and beverages are sold at concession stands conveniently located in the Grand lobby and on the Rotunda. And yes, they ARE allowed inside the theater.

What restaurants & hotels are in the area?

Please see our listings of neighboring Hotels and Restaurants.

Where do I find information about directions/parking or public transportation?

The Morris Performing Arts Center does not own or operate parking facilities; however, a number of pay parking lots surround the Morris. The cost of parking is usually between $5 to $10. For specific information see our Directions & Parking page.

Can I purchase Gift Certificates online?

At this time, gift certificates cannot be purchased online. If you wish to purchase a gift certificate, you may do so by contacting the Morris Box Office either in person or by calling 574-235-9190 or toll-free 800-537-6415.

Do you rent the theater for events such as weddings, graduations or parties?

If you\'re looking for a unique place to host your next special occasion such as a wedding and/or reception, graduation party or anniversary party, the Magnificent Morris provides a grand environment full of beauty and history to help make any occasion memorable. For more information please contact the Palais Royale Sales Associate at 574-235-5612 or info@palaisroyale.org. Sales office hours are Tuesday - Friday 10:00AM to 5:00PM and Saturday 10:00AM to 2:00PM (EDT) - closed on Monday.

Can I tour the Morris Performing Arts Center?

Tours are available by appointment only:

Tuesday - Friday, from 10:00AM to 3:00PM (EDT). (Tours cannot be scheduled on days when an event is scheduled at the Morris).

Pricing: Adults $4 a person. Students K-12 & Seniors 65+ $2 a person. Please contact the Morris Administrative Office at 574-235-9198 to schedule an appointment for your tour. Ask about our special rates for groups of 20 or more!

What are the benefits of joining the Morris Fan Club?

As a Morris Email Club member you will:

•Receive e-mails with news of upcoming events at the Morris Center
•Be eligible to purchase tickets before the general public when promoters offer pre-sale tickets for their shows
•Receive e-mail announcements for ticket specials
•Be automatically entered for a monthly contest to win two complimentary tickets to a show of your choice (based on availability)

The best part is: IT'S FREE! All you have to do is sign up.

Why does The Morris Performing Arts Center have donors?

The Morris is a beloved Historic Landmark, listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The theater has a rich and long history as part of downtown South Bend but, the years have not always been kind. From 1998 to 2000, the Morris Performing Arts Center underwent a $17.4 million dollar renovation/restoration project. This was made possible by the generosity of both private and corporate donors. At present and looking ahead, it is important to keep the facility in pristine condition to ensure there is no need for a future multi-million dollar renovation and fund drive. That\'s why donors are and will continue to be important to the Morris. All funds raised by donors are put into an Endowment Fund, which is used to preserve the historic integrity of the Morris Performing Arts Center (which includes the Morris Theater and the Palais Royale Ballroom).

How do I contact the Lost and Found department?

For lost and found items, please contact the Morris Box Office at 574-235-9190 or toll-free at 800-537-6415. Items turned into the Lost & Found will be held for a minimum of 30 days and a maximum of 45 days. After which, unclaimed items will be donated to local charity.

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