Commercial Events

Director of Booking & Events

Denise Zigler 


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Booking Policies

Resident Users, as described below, shall have first preference regarding booking dates for their proposed seasons. The Resident User season, for calendaring purposes, is defined as beginning June 1st and concluding May 31st. Resident Users will meet annually with the Executive Director of the Morris during the last week of May to discuss holds for the following year’s season with “final holds” to the confirmed by September 30th.

Qualified Promoter

A Qualified Promoter is a promoter who has presented an event at the Morris Performing Arts Center and has satisfied all previous Morris Performing Arts Center contractual agreements -or- a new promoter who has successfully applied for a license to use the Morris Performing Arts Center’s facilities. A new promoter must complete a Morris Performing Arts Center license application and submit it with a fifty dollar ($50) non-refundable application fee. The application fee is for credit reports and background checks. The new promoter becomes a Qualified Promoter when license application has been approved by the Morris Performing Arts Center management.

Frequent User

A Frequent User is an organization or individual who guarantees to present twelve (12) or more ticketed public performances per season (June 1 – May 31). Frequent Users will be afforded special rental fee rates.

Commercial User

A Commercial User is a for-profit company whose primary business is to produce and/or promote touring stage productions, concerts or similar events; also applies to an individual or organization who presents an event and does not meet the requirements of a not-for-profit, frequent, or resident user.

Not-For-Profit User

A Not-For-Profit User must also be identified as a Qualified Promoter and posses a current 501(c) federal classification. Local St. Joseph County Not-For-Profit Users may be afforded special rental fee rates. The Not-For-Profit User special rental fee rates are not applicable if the Not-For-Profit User partners or co-promotes with a Commercial Promoter. Said co-promoted rentals shall be negotiated on a case by case basis.

Resident User

Resident Users are divided into two categories and will be afforded special rental fee rates.

Presenter Category: A Presenting Resident User is a St. Joseph County, State of Indiana not-for-profit organization possessing a 501(c) federal classification. A Presenting Resident User is further identified as being an organization that primarily contracts and presents touring artists/productions. A Presenting Resident User guarantees to present twelve (12) or more ticketed public performances per season (June 1 ‘ May 31).

Producer Category:A Producing Resident User is a St. Joseph County, State of Indiana not-for-profit arts organization possessing a 501(c)3 federal classification. A Producing Resident User is further identified as being an organization that locally produces and guarantees to present eight (8) or more ticketed public performances per season (June 1 ‘ May 31) who have artistic control over its productions and use primarily local or regional talent.

Tentative Date Holds

Only a Qualified Promoter may ‘hold’ dates for potential events. The ‘hold’ must be documented on a Booking/Scheduling Information Report and must include current address and telephone numbers. ‘Holds’ are for a maximum of 30 days. ‘Holds’ may be renewed; however, it is the responsibility of all promoters to notify the Morris Performing Arts Center of any desire to renew or extend an existing ‘hold.’ All ‘hold’ dates may be ‘challenged.’

Date Challenge

If a tentative date is ‘held’ by one Qualified Promoter, a second Qualified Promoter may challenge the date by providing the minimum rental deposit. The promoter with the tentative ‘hold’ has 48 hours to provide the minimum rental deposit and confirm the date. The promoter with the tentative ‘hold’ will be notified by phone that the date is being challenged. It is the responsibility of all promoters to keep the Morris Performing Arts Center advised of any changes in their telephone numbers.

Confirmed Dates

When the Morris Performing Arts Center receives a non-refundable rental deposit from a Qualified Promoter and issues a fully executed agreement, the date is confirmed. Confirmed dates have a 21-day booking protection versus similar events as determined by the Executive Director of the Morris. Similar events with different promoters have a 21-day grace period regarding release of tickets for sale to the general public.

Rental Deposits

A rental deposit is required and must accompany return of signed contract.


All Morris Performing Arts Center Rental Agreements will be issued for a specific day, date, and time(s). All said agreements will include an expiration date and must be returned promptly with the deposit to avoid cancellation of agreement offer and forfeiture of ‘hold’. The standard expiration date shall be ten (10) business days from issuance of agreement offer.

Standard House Expenses

Facility Rental Fee

  • $1,875 vs. 10% of Gross Box Office Sales
  • Non-Show days: $1,500 per day

Box Office Fees

  • 3.0% of Gross Box Office Ticket Revenue not to exceed $1,875 per performance
  • 3.95% Blended Bank Rate for Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express Credit Card Sale1 Box office walk up sales only
  • $250 Box Office Set-up Fee


  • $3.50 per ticket Morris Performing Arts Center Historic Preservation/Facility Fee Surcharge
  • Surcharge fee MUST be included in all advertised ticket prices.


  • House Staff: $500 Flat Fee per performance (Includes House Manager, Usher Captains, Ticket Takers)
  • Clean Up/Housekeeping: $780 per performance or $1000 per two performances in one day
  • Show Runner: $225
  • Catering Runner: $75 (Applicable to late catering requests per lease agreement.)
  • SB Police: $30 per hr per person (One Required for all functions. Minimum four hour charge.)
  • Security: $22 per hr per person (Required for all functions. Minimum four hour charge.)
  • Production Manager: $30 per hour, minimum $200 per production (Required for setup & load out)
  • Stagehands: I.A.T.S.E. Local 187 at prevailing rates
  • Piano Tuning: at prevailing rate

Staging Equipment3

  • Complete Sound System: $350 per performance
  • Sound Rack/Cluster Only: $150 per performance
  • Sound Monitor System: $50 per performance
  • Complete Lighting System: $500 per performance
  • Lighting Board Only: $75 per performance
  • Instruments Only: $5 ea per performance
  • Follow Spots: $75 ea per performance (Four Supertroupers available)
  • Baldwin Grand Piano: $350 per performance
  • Yamaha Upright Piano: $75 per performance


  • Morris Performing Arts Center contracted caterer must be used for all functions – No Exceptions.
  • Please call: Navarre Hospitality at 574-235-5582 for menus and pricing information.


All merchandisers should be instructed to contact the Morris’ Director of Events regarding the sale of merchandise in the facility.


  • Backstage Water Service: Spring Water in five gallon bottles including cooler & cups: $15 per bottle
  • Coffee Service: $15 per gallon
  • Backstage/Dressing Room Phone & Internet Service: $50 package per engagement
  • Towel Service: $4 each, bath size – $3 each, hand size
  • Gel/Color Medium: $8 per full sheet


  1. Credit card bank fees are subject to bank rate increases.
  2. Labor rates are subject to periodic review/increases.
  3. Indiana Sales Tax of 7% is applicable on all equipment rentals.

Seating Breakdown by Area

Section # of Seats
Pit 64
Orchestra** 510
Main** 686
Lower Boxes 20
Upper Boxes 20
Royal Boxes 28
Mezzanine 200
1st Balcony 392
2nd Balcony 400
3rd Balcony 244
TOTAL 2564

** 20 Wheelchair Positions available on main floor. If used, will reduce total seats available, as each wheelchair position is the equivalent of 4 regular seats.

  • Note: A $3.50 Morris Improvement Fee/Surcharge must be included in all advertised ticket prices.

Marketing & Advertising

Located between Chicago, Fort Wayne, Detroit and Indianapolis, the South Bend/Mishawaka Designated Market Area ranks 77th in the nation and 2nd behind Indianapolis in the State of Indiana. The population within a 25 mile radius of South Bend exceeds 500,000 and within a within a 45 minute drive, the population figure approaches a million. A recent Study of this marketing area reported a mean age to be between 18 and 49 with annual retail sales in excess of $8.1 billion.

Along with conventional methods of marketing and advertising, the Morris also utilizes social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google+ to promote shows, gain interest and boost ticket sales.

WBND-TV 58 ABC and
WMWB Michiana\’s WB Channel 5 and the New CW

WNIT-TV 34 Public Television

53550 Generations Drive 300 West Jefferson Blvd
South Bend, IN 46635 South Bend, IN 46601
574-344-5500 Rachel Wegner 574-674-9648
574-344-5553 FAX
WHME-TV 46 Local Service Station WSBT-TV 22 CBS/UPN/FOX
61300 Ironwood Road 1301 Douglas Road
South Bend, IN 46614 Mishawaka, IN 46545
574-291-8200 Jeff Castello 574-233-3141 Julie Harrell
574-291-0930 FAX 574-288-6630 FAX
54616 US 31 N
South Bend, IN 46637
574-284-3182 Pat Ladewski
574-631-1688 FAX
Indiana Cable Advertising Sales
1001 Hickory Road
South Bend, IN 46617
Zachary Milito



Radio Advertising:

MNC-FM 95.3 WNSN-FM Sunny 101.5

(Contemporary Lite)

(\”The Fan\” Sports Talk) 1301 Douglas Road
237 West Edison Road Mishawaka, IN 46545
Mishawaka, IN 46545  269-934-5199 Christian Carlson
574-258-5483 Traci Foster 574-993-0008 Cell
574-258-0930 FAX 574-289-7382 FAX



(Adult Rock)

237 West Edison Road 237 West Edison Road, Suite 200
Mishawaka, IN 46545 Mishawaka, IN 46545
574-258-5483 Jill Ludwick 574-258-5483 Lisa Sikkema
574-291-0930 FAX 574-288-6630 FAX



(Talk, Adult Lite)

25802 County Road 26 1301 Douglas Road
Elkhart, IN 46514 Mishawaka, IN 46545
574-674-6626 Rachel Moore or Ed Moore 574-247-4305 Christian Carlson
574-875-6662 FAX 574-289-7382 FAX

(Top 40)



1301 Douglas Road 925 N. 5th Street
Mishawaka, IN 46545 Niles, MI 49120
574-247-4305 Christian Carlson 269-683-4343 Marci Taylor
574-289-7382 FAX 269-683-7759 FAX

(Oldies, Talk, ND Football)

Michiana\’s News Channel
WTRC-FM 95.7, WTRC-AM 1340
3371 West Cleveland Road, Suite 310 237 West Edison Road
South Bend, IN 46616 Mishawaka, IN 46545
574-257-2346 Pam Homan 574-258-5483
574-631-3653 FAX 574-258-0930 FAX




61300 Ironwood Drive 702 Lincolnway West
South Bend, IN 46615 South Bend, IN 46619
574-291-8200 Jeff Castello 574-287-4700
574-291-9043 FAX 574-287-2478 FAX



(Urban and Jazz)

580 East Napier 401 East Colfax Avenue, Suite 300
Benton Harbor, MI 49022 South Bend, IN 46617
269-683-4343 574-233-0580 FAX

(Adult Contemporary/Top 40)


(Public Radio)

3371 West Cleveland Road, Suite 310 2720 California Road
South Bend, IN 46616 Elkhart, IN 46516
574-273-9300 Pam Homan 574-674-9873 Tom Labuzienski
574-273-9090 FAX 574-262-5700 FAX
WZOW-FM 9707 and 102.3

(Adult Rock)



3371 West Cleveland Road 1301 Douglas Road
South Bend, IN 46616 Mishawaka, IN 46545
574-273-9300 Pam Homan 574-247-4306 Laura Boyle
574-993-0008 Cell
574-289-7382 FAX
WAUS- FM 90.7


WIDR-FM 89.1

(Western Michigan University)

4160 East Campus Circle Drive 1501 Faunce Student Services
Berrien Springs, MI 49104 Kalamazoo, MI 49008
269-470-2944 Wanda Poole 269-387-6301
269-471-7464 FAX
Midwest Communications
WVFM 106.5, WKZO 590, WNWN 1560, WFAT 96.5,
WIN 98.5 & 35.5, ESPN 1660
Lake City Radio
(Classic Rock and Country)
Kalamazoo, MI 49008  216 Market Street
269-488-3810 Barb Breen  Warsaw, IN 46580
269-345-1435 FAX  574-372-0364



Print Advertising:

South Bend Tribune Michiana Entertainer
225 West Colfax Avenue 3311 Willowcreek Rd. Suite 169
South Bend, IN 46601 Portage, IN 46368
574-235-6604 Bruce Dodge 708-691-4356
574-239-2648 FAX  219-734-6776
 The Observer   Rochester Sentinel
 Independent Newspaper Serving 118 E 8th St. P.O. Box 260
 Notre Dame/Saint Mary’s College Rochester, IN 46975
 Notre Dame, IN 46556 574-223-2111
 574-631-5303 574-223-5768 FAX
 574-631-6927 FAX
ELKHART, IN   Kalamazoo Gazette
The Elkhart Truth 401 S Burdock Street
421 South 2nd Street Kalamazoo, IN 49007
Elkhart, IN 46516 800-466-4237
574-296-5866 Tammy Backus 26-388-8406 FAX
574-293-3303 FAX
PLYMOUTH, IN   Leader Publications
Plymouth Pilot News Niles Daily Star
P.O. Box 220 Edwardsburg Argus
Plymouth, IN 46563 Dowagiac Daily News
574-936-3101 217 N 4th Street
Niles, MI 49120
269-683-2175 FAX


The Goshen News Herald Palladium
114 South Main Street 3450 Hollywood Road
Goshen, IN 46526 St. Joseph, MI 49085
574-533-2151 ext 398 269-429-2400 Healther Flannery
La Porte Herald Argus
701 State Street
La Porte, IN 46350-3328
219-362-2166 FAX
Michigan City News – Dispatch
121 West Michigan Street
Michigan City, IN 46360-3274
219-872-8511 FAX

General Technical Information

Time Zone: Eastern

Stage Specifications

Physical Address 211 N. Michigan Street
South Bend, IN 46601
Backstage Contacts
Kyle Miller
Production Manager
574-245-6136 Phone
615-693-8973 Cell
574-235-9729 Fax
Jim Monroe
Director of Facility Operations
574-245-6074 Phone
574-596-3899 Cell
574-235-9729 Fax
Height 3′ 6-1/2″ from auditorium floor to top edge of stage
Proscenium Opening 54’w x 25′-11-1/4″h (Height 23’9″ with valance)
Depth 45′ (plaster line to wall), add 8’6″ DS with pit
Wing Space 24′ SL                                               20’SR
Loading Access 3 loading doors, 2 w/dock levelers & 1 with van access.
Each have 8’x10′ door openings.
Counterweights 78,500 lbs.
# of Line Sets 68 — See schedule for details
Grid Height 72′
Batten Height 67′ (Travel)       71′ (High Trim)      47’3″ (Orch. shell clearance)
Battens 68 lines – 1.5″x70′ pipes                  (1400 lbs. Max. – single prch)
Power (3)–400amp, 3 phase, 3 leg, 120v/208v (stage left)
200 amp, 3 phase for sound, 120v/208v (stage right)
(2)–60amp, 3 phase for shore power
Convenience Receptacles (5)–30amp convenience receptacles at grid iron
(4)–30amp receptacles at F.O.H. rigging points
Pit 8’6″w deep (US -> DS) x 46’4″wide x 8’2″deep                                       Automated Serapid Orchestra Pit Lift                                                                4 Positions: Stage Level, Audience (3’6-1/2″), Orchestra (8’2″) and Low/Storage
Backstage Elevator Door 6’x7′ opening
Proscenium Rigging 8 Points, 7 and 23 feet off center, the first set approximately 2’6” DS of the plaster line, and the other set 5’6” DS of the plaster line.
2000 lbs weight limit per point
Offstage Rooms 8 DRESSING ROOMS
3 Principal Rooms on Stage Level
2 Principal Rooms in Lower Level
3 Private Rooms in Lower Level
2 CHORUS ROOMS in lower level
Women’s Accommodates 27
Men’s Accommodates 24
1 HAIR/WARDROBE ROOM 30’X18′ in lower level
1 CATERING ROOM in lower level
Sound Basic, minimal PA system – Great for speakers and comedians.
PA is not concert quality; if concert quality rig is needed – contact the Technical Stage Manager for local audio contractors.
3000 watt hearing impaired enhancement
Lighting 4 Super Trouper Follow Spots – located in spot booth in back of third balcony; 208v / 20a power
Lighting is hung on a show by show basis; there is no “house hang” or any preset lighting/electrics. The following inventory is available to create a personalized plot from:
ETC Insight 3 System, (48) Pars, (16) 36-degree Source 4,
(26) 26-degree Source 4, (58) 19-degree Source 4,
(10) 5-degree Source 4, (10)Triple Cyc
Positions: Near cove 10 circuits, 2 box booms & balcony rail. Onstage there is one dedicated electric, others are created via cable drops to desired pipe.
CONTROL BOOTH: An approximately 6’ deep by 20’ wide control booth is located in the center of the main floor, against the back wall. It is surrounded by a 3’ tall half-wall with an 8” ledge. It takes a 150’ snake to reach from backstage.
Control Booth An approximately 6’ deep by 20’ wide control booth is located in the center of the main floor, against the back wall. It is surrounded by a 3’ tall half-wall with an 8” ledge. It takes a 150’ snake to reach from backstage.
Risers Sixteen 4’ X 8’ Wegner risers, with three choices of leg height.
Smoking Policy The Morris Performing Arts Center is a non-smoking facility.
Decibel Level Policy The City of South Bend has designated that events at this facility not exceed 95db. Please call for more information.
Type of Venue Restored 1922 Vaudeville House. Traditional proscenium stage with orchestra seating, main floor, mezzanine and balcony.
Lower Level 1,216
Upper Level 1,284
Optional/Additional Pit Seating      64
Total 2,564
Stage Crew I.A.T.S.E. Local 187